Share My Day

Throughout the year we have many special days that we spend with friends and family. Special days are birthdays, weddings, puberty ceremonies, graduations, dance and music recitals, and many more. Special days are also filled with gifts from loved ones. We invite you to share your celebration with those who are less fortunate by donating a portion of gifts received on your Special Day to those in need. Even a small amount will help feed impoverished communities. A nominal amount will help these communities to receive much needed medical care.

The opportunities to share our celebrations are endless. The happiness we get out of it is priceless. It’s double the joy when we share. It’s double the joy when we give.

In return for participating in the Share My Day campaign, IMHO Canada can offer you:

  • Recognition in IMHO Canada’s Newsletter & Website
  • Complimentary tickets to IMHO Canada’s annual convention and gala
  • Tax receipts for your guests & donors