International Medical Health Organization (IMHO) Canada is a charitable, humanitarian, non-political organization that aims to relieve poverty, develop public health, and/or coordinate health care services in under-served regions of the world.

IMHO Canada was first formed in 2008 by a group of Canadian professionals and volunteers, modelled after the sister organization IMHO USA which was formed in 2003.

While the organization’s first efforts occurred in 2008, it was IMHO Canada’s response to the humanitarian situation in Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka during the first half of 2009 that demonstrated its true weight and potential in the relief and development sector. IMHO Canada contributed to various emergency response efforts, including the provisioning of life-saving food materials and medical care during the final stage of Sri Lanka’s armed conflict.

Charitable Status

After several years of demonstrating its commitment to improving the health and well-being of persons in countries across the globe, and establishing itself as a permanent and reputable entity, IMHO Canada was formally granted recognition as a charitable organization in Canada, effective March 2012.

Although IMHO Canada shares a unique and close relationship with IMHO USA, it is an independent organization controlled and managed by its own Board of Directors and volunteers, and operates in strict compliance with Canadian law concerning the regulation of charitable organizations and their activities.

Founding Principle

IMHO Canada is founded on principles of humanitarianism and neutrality. IMHO Canada chooses its areas of operation according to an objective needs-based analysis, and remains impartial in treating suffering communities in conflict situations. IMHO Canada works to provide assistance during times of monumental suffering, such as in the aftermath of natural and manmade disasters. This emergency relief work complements IMHO Canada’s ongoing structural and capacity-building work to enhance health care opportunities and relief.